Small Bedroom Storage Solutions for Maximum Space

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Maximize Your Small Bedroom with These Clever Storage Ideas

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10 Ways to Make the Most of Every Square Inch

  1. Use vertical space. Hang shelves above your bed, or install a hanging rod to create extra storage for clothes. You can also use a ladder as a shelving unit, or stack storage cubes on top of each other.
  2. Get creative with under-bed storage. Use a bed with built-in drawers or a platform bed with storage underneath. You can also add a rolling cart or trunk to the bottom of your bed for extra storage.
  3. Use space-saving furniture. Choose furniture that has multiple functions, such as a bed that turns into a sofa or a desk that folds up into a wall unit. You can also use a dresser with drawers on the bottom and shelves on top, or a nightstand with a built-in hamper.
  4. Organize your closet. Use clear bins and organizers to keep your clothes and accessories organized. You can also hang your clothes on a vertical hanger to save space.
  5. Use hooks and racks. Hang hats, scarves, and purses on hooks on the wall or door, or use a rack to store shoes. You can also use a tension rod to create a hanging closet in your bedroom.
  6. Don’t forget about the corners. Use a corner shelf or cabinet to store small items, or add a hanging organizer to the corner of your closet. You can also use a rolling cart to store items in the corner of your room.


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Updated on December 13 2022 Photo Edmund Barr Designing and arranging a small bedroom can be particularly tricky especially when it comes to storage We39ve rounded up ideas on how to store all the essentials including clothing shoes and jewelry in your shortonSpace sleeping quartersWe39ve rounded up 20 small bedroom storage ideas that39ll make it easy to keep your bedroom organized Dualpurpose furniture is an unexpected way to make the most of any Space and our sneaky storage ideas will help you decorate your bedroom with purpose Unfancy Make the Most of Your ClosetStep One Declutter According to professional organizer and owner of Time to Organize Sara Pedersen the first step to organizing a small bedroom is decluttering Put away everything that is out of place then take a fresh look at

whats left and pare down Take stock of items youre storing in your bedroom that could be stored 1 Maximize vertical Space In a small bedroom storage solutions are a crucial part of everyday life Maximize vertical Space by rethinking your shelving systems to make them more expansive like the one in this Buenos Aires apartment Key places to incorporate this tactic are above a desk above the bed or in the closet Credit Sandra Regalado13 ways to maximize Space in a small bedroom Just like magic Image credit ohsorented Jump to category 1 Try out a large leaning mirror 3 Pick a nightstand with plenty of hidden storage Space 4 Use vertical stripes to disguise low ceilings 5 Keep it simple and minimal 6 Save Space by swapping the bedside tables for shelves 7Storage Meets Style For the teensiest

of rooms it can become more about function than style But for this small apartment bedroom white shelves and drawers flanking the bed add tons of messfree storage with style to boot Wall hooks add another smart layer of storage in this tight SpaceThese small bedroom storage ideas will help you find clever ways to keep your books spare linens eyeglasses accessories and other bedroom possessions neatly stowed and readily accessible while maintaining a stylish and effortless look 01 of 17 Choose Nighstands With Storage Emily Henderson Design Photo by Sara LigorriaTrampUnderthebed storage is often one of the first options people turn to when in need of storage solutions but shoving things under there without a structure in place that keeps them organized can quickly turn into a big chaotic


With a little creativity and organization, you can maximize the storage space in your small bedroom and create a stylish and functional space.

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